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January 1, 2007

Wireless Internet Works Best for Me

Guest posted by Alex Torrence

When we moved to this new house, it was quite a lot of work. While my husband and I did the packing together, all the non-physical things were left to me. Those things included cancelling satellite service, electric, telephone and all the credit cards. Then setting up everything new for the new address. Since I did not care to have dial-up internet ever again due to the slowness of it, I had to find a new way to connect to the internet.

Once we were in the new home and settled, I began searching for alternate ways to get online. Since cable is not available in this area, that left out one method. I refuse to pay the price that the satellite company wants for internet; it's way too much for my budget. Finally, I found the perfect means to get connected. I overheard two women talking about their wireless internet service. I was desperate, so I excused myself, told them I overhead them talking, and could they give me more information.

So, there we were in the middle of the grocery store discussing wireless internet. Both women use a USB modem. I didn’t have my GPS programmed yet, so I had to stop at a gas station and ask directions. The man I spoke to asked if I was going there to get a USB modem. I told him I was. He then when on to tell me that he has a USB modem and how much he loves. He said that nothing is better than wireless Internet.

I have a wireless mouse that uses one port, but I have enough USB ports for the modem and I still have one port left for my digital camera. What I like the most, I know what my bill will be each month from my provider, CLEAR Internet.


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