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February 28, 2012

Buying a Home

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett

My husband and I just bought out first home, and we are so excited to be moving in. It took a while for all of the loan paperwork to go through, so we have been waiting for a movie date for 2 months. At certain points we were worried that something would go wrong and we would never get the house. As soon as we got word that the deal was closed, we started working hard to get things ready for the move. We couldn’t wait to finally be in our own place, and the kids were looking forward to having their own rooms. After the electricity and phone services were connected, I went to and connected out Directv. I knew the TV would have to be the first thing to get unpacked so that our kids would have something to do while my husband and I got organized. Moving is a lot of work and we wanted them to have something to do since we knew we wouldn’t have much time for them.

February 15, 2012

Construction Demonstration

This demonstration actually animates the building being built from the ground up. Its fast paced so don't expect to see everything. The rendering output was very well done and they also included a whole 3d cityscape around the project that stretches out far. You'll see neat little things like animated fountains, walking people, helicopters landing on a helipad, vehicular traffic....very beautiful...and to top it off, a short animated view of the project at night time!

February 12, 2012

Portable Habitat

This project was conducted in a university back in 2005 by Lhitanis. Modeled in 3d studio max and rendered in Vray. Great color combos and transformation sequences! Adding a human walking along the side of the container is an awesome the viewers a sense of scale.


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February 11, 2012


Removal literally means to take away something, clean out or relocate things.  When we say Removals in terms of service it involves Removal Companies or also known as Removalists.  A moving company helps in relocating goods from one place to another.  It caters to both individual and business clients whether it is local or international removals.  Making use of removal services can make relocation less stressful.  The people are well trained to do the things thus preventing damages on the goods to be moved. 

There are many independent moving companies who offer such service with the use of moving vans, trucks, trailers.  These companies also sell moving supplies which can be used by clients who want to pack things themselves.  Services are not limited to professional movers for labor, people can also rent the trucks, trailers and any other equipment to relocate themselves.  If not preferred this way, profeesional movers can do the job of loading and moving everything to the place of relocation.

February 9, 2012

Dial-up with

Can you imagine life without internet service these days?  Sounds a little intimidating and impossible but of course it can be done.  While most people rely solely on internet and must have dsl by all means, some people still live by the basics.  It might be hard to believe but some people actually doesn't find the need to use computer at all.  While some people try to ward off from technology some are just too hooked having the need to be connected almost 24/7.

Back on the days when internet was newly introduced to the world, dial up is the main means of acquiring connection.  It is still very much evident up to this modern time, in fact in most Asian countries it is still broadly used.  People resort on prepaid connection due to budgetary reasons though speed as compared to dsl is highly incomparable. offers reliable and affordable internet service.  A Standard package starting at $9.95 includes free technical support, nationwide access, free internet email account and 56K dial-up internet service.  Other packages like Premium at $14.95 and Broadband at $19.95 are also available. has been in service since 1997 for providing reliable dial-up internet service in America.  If you choose not to have a regular dsl internet service and prefer to have dial-up instead, you can be sure to find great satisfaction with  NO need to worry about missed calls while connected, unlike regular dial-up service it has a special call alert function which will enable you to know when there's an incoming call.

LA Movers

Moving has never been easy, it takes so much time and effort to organize and sort things.  The process can be so exhausting for all and once you've moved it's not the end of it.  Unpacking and reorganizing is another deal to take care of.  It's way impossible to get things done in an instant thinking everything will settle down as soon as you haul your things into your new place.

No matter how near or far the move may be, there will always be hardships and troubles most especially if doing it all by yourself.  Getting some professional help can make things a lot easier and less stressful in your behalf.  Let the experts do the hard work for you while you simply assist them.  You'll need not even one finger to do the lifting and moving, nothing can be easier than that.

Moving in LA can be quite a breeze with the help of Los Angeles moving company.  Let them assist you with your moving deals, Los Angeles movers can give you a free quote by simply filling out the online form.  LA movers are trained in all aspects of moving which will ensure an easier job for your move. 

SAR Law Office

There are so many cases of DUI or Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and an offense can lead to court hearings and penalties.  The new name for DUI now is OVI or Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated.  As we all know, alcohol intoxication also known as drunkenness occurs when a person has a hign level of alcohol in their blood.  This may result to slurred speech, impaired balance, loss of muscle coordination, flushed face, vomiting, erratic behavior and become very sleepy.  All these are very detrimental when it comes to driving as it could result to grave consequences. 

This is the very reason why the law officers are enforcing great rules when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol.  There are cases when  properties were destroyed and worse, lives were taken.  People who are charged of such can still seek hope for their defense.  Scott Rubenstein, a Cincinnati DUI Attorney is a skilled criminal defense lawyer practicing to contest DUI or OVI charges. 

As a practicing Cincinnati Lawyer, Mr. Rubenstein has completed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Student Course.  Not all Cincinnati Attorney has the same comprehensive training giving him the advantage of knowing eery aspect of the DUI arrest. Mr Rubenstein will make every effort to help his client through his knowledge and expertise, he will do his best to make things on his client's benefits.

February 2, 2012

More Lockers

Part of any organization is providing ample and dedicated space to stash away things.  Say for instance having lockers to keep things in the right place in order.  Any locker can be customized accordingly, it varies in sizes (big or small lockers), materials (steel lockers, wood lockers),  designs and accessories.  As you can see not all lockers are the same, though the idea of use is all in general thought but functions dictate what kind of locker would be best suitable for every use.

In most institutions you may find lockers of different kinds.  In a gym or any sports facility, athletic lockers are installed as provision for the athletes.  It is where they can put their things together without having it all over the place.  These lockers are usually accompanied by aluminum bleachers, having it accessible with the lockers is important for the athletes. offers a wide selection of lockers and accessories, they will make sure to give the utmost service regarding your locker needs.  They keep their prices very competitive thus assuring you of the best price you can find out there.  Whether you know what you're looking for or still on the search for the ideal locker for your use, you an depend on their expertise to help guide you through. 

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