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April 26, 2008

Agence Peripheriques

Great camera paths and speed. I like the transitional effects between different shots. It has its own style of presenting itself from sounds to entourage, this makes for a very unique animation. You have to love the little flying fairy effect used through out the presentation! Great job :)

April 13, 2008

Nave Appleseed

Growing Warehouse made with 3dsmax, VRay & Premiere. A short construction simulation of a warehouse project. Nice job 3DX Design & Appleseed Construction! I like the touch they used for the "environment" during the 360 degree view of the warehouse....I'm referring to the plywood type board used at the base of the model..and empty background...with a simple horizon gives it that scaled model feeling which is neat. Then at the end they merged the model with a photo montage which shows the project at its true enviroment. Sometimes this technique is a good idea because we don't always have nice backgrounds to present our models....and we're better off either inventing the surrounding or completely ignore it and focus on the main project. One thing for sure saves time when your rendering the frames!

April 3, 2008

Project Hypergreen - Jacques Ferrier

Boy, talk about realism! This 3d presentation is magnificent. Excellent camera path and all shot in one single sequence! No fancy soundtrack in this fly-through but there was something different instead....something worth taking note of....there was simply just ambient sound. This technique, in my humble opinion made this feature more dramatic and powerful as a presentation. Design I mean that is not something you see everyday. Great concept Jacques Ferrier! Growing up as a kid who wanted to become an architect, this was the type of design that brought magic to architecture.

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