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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On Casino Tax Rebate

Las Vegas is internationally known as the gambling city of America.  It is where people go to play in the casino, shop and dine in the finest restaurants of the lively city.  A place where people can party all day and night, fun seems to never stop here.  The flashing lights when night strikes are simply spectacular.  Many people stake on their luck in Vegas.  Not everybody gets lucky but some rake a good sum of casino winnings.  

Casinos and any other gambling facilities are required by IRS to withhold 30% of the winnings to cover up for the gambling tax.  That's a big chunk percentage of the money won but due to US and Canada Tax Treaty, a part or all of the gambling tax deducted can be recovered with the offset of the losses against the winnings.  This gambling tax refund services is taken cared of by Casino Tax Rebate, a company established since 1979.  Through this company, obtaining gambling refund is not impossible.


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