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October 31, 2011

Untitled Jersey City Project

This post brought to you by Untitled Jersey City Project. All opinions are 100% mine.

Untitled Jersey City Project is an ambitious drama that takes place in the developing side of Jersey City waterfront where anything can happen, anytime, and to anyone. Based on the sneak peek video of Untitled Jersey City Project, there are a number of interesting characters that give you a feeling that everyone is somehow connected to something important towards a plot. And a plot that ties in everyone is the key to successful drama. Check out the video for yourself and tell me what you think:

It is definitely one of those stories that involves characters from different walks of life which will no doubt attract to a larger audience. Crime, love, money, fame, and truth all come into play in this drama. It's hard to find good fresh films/TV series that have these elements orchestrated properly and keep viewers interested. Being a critic myself, I can say that this drama is probably something I would watch with commitment and curiosity to find out what happens. I enjoy a good drama every now and then and the Untitled Jersey City Project proves to look promising. They have many other videos on their website with more descriptions to characters and outlines some of the relationships between themselves and the storyline. (1 page)

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October 18, 2011

Alta Mira

When does an occasional drinking and smoking becomes a threat to someone's well-being?  This is something some people overlook, at first it started with just a stick & bottle or two but in time becomes more and more.  Unfortunately not everybody realizes he or she is going beyond his or her body's capacity, thus getting addicted to such vices.

Early withdrawal can be self-done but when a person is so deeply addicted to smoking, drinking and such, securing help is a better way to get clean once again.  Addiction can pose great health, physical and emotional threat to a person.  Extreme cases even result to death due to over dosage or illnesses inflicted by the addiction.  Sad to say but this thing happens even if that person decided to withdraw but having it too late.

Knowing when to act to save someone's life is very critical.  Giving the right care and guidance can greatly help someone to pull himself back leaving behind his addictive lifestyle.  Not everybody can voluntarily withdraw thus needing professional help.  There are good rehabilitation places which can make a difference in one's life.  Alta Mira San Francisco offers great facility and support for those who want to get rid of their addiction problem to live a normal and healthier life. 

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October 17, 2011

Blomus For The Modern Look

Giving an updated look to your home can be a lot easier with the help of the right accessories, this minimizes the needs to renovate and do much further works just to achieve that new look.  Blomus can make your upgrade dilemma into a breeze with its blomus stainless steel line of products. blomus stainless can give that certain shine to make your place livelier and more hip and modern.  No more dull paints or cheap looking materials which are quite an eyesore when it's all worn out and scratched.

Start with upgrading your living area with a brand new blomus fireplace.  You can stay warm as ever with this new world's charm fireplace,  brand new look to keep the fire burning.  Of course who wouldn't want their kitchen done as well?  The blomus kitchen can make that old little kitchen look more streamlined and up to date.  Not to forget the ease of cleaning the countertops after a messy preparation, nothing beats a clean and sparkling kitchen.  

There are many ways to re-create your home to make it look up-to-date and new again.  Why go for a complete makeover when you can save more by just retrofitting some new cabinetry here and there.  A touch of steel will surely do the trick for the new modern look you're looking for.

October 13, 2011

Teen Rehabilitation

One of the latest news article in Yahoo today was about the drug smuggling in Arizona.  It's very crafty how those people do their illegal action just to get away with the law.  Imagine them having to dig up a tunnel from across the border to the parking area inside US and from there their "magic" happens.  It's good that this secret passage was busted, drugs don't do any good to anyone.  

This might have been a big discovery for the authorities but it doesn't mean drug smuggling has been eradicated through this alone.  Sad to say that having these dangerous drugs accessible around US, people most especially teens end up ruining their lives being addicted to it.  It has become a serious health and social problem here in US and having total control over it is not as easy as it sounds.  

Drug addiction can cause grave threat to one's well-being and sometimes before someone acts about getting a treatment to be clean, it's just way too late anymore.  A life is not worth wasted just because of drug abuse, before it even gets too late seek help.  Teens most especially can have a better future and given the right attention and treatment getting clean is not impossible.  Newport Teen Rehabilitation cares for the young people's salvation from addiction.  As we all know addiction is very powerful and stopping on their own can be really hard to do.  Having a facility to provide the necessary medical and psychological treatments for teens is a better option to save them. For more information about teen drugs and rehabilitation, check out

October 11, 2011

Our precious little babies must always be protected from the outdoors.  Their skin is still so delicate and easily it can be damaged it exposed to much sun.  As much as they need the natural vitamin the sun can give, it also emits harmful rays that can cause great threat on their skin. 

Us parents would always look after what's good for our babies and starting it with the right clothing and necessary coverings, we can further safeguard their well-being.  Making use of baby sun hats can be so helpful to keep that sun's rays off baby's face.  The baby beanie hats on the other hand can protect and give warmth when the days are just cold and breezy. 

Make the right choice and do what's best for our little one.  Keeping them safe all the time can also keep us from having things to worry about.  Finding the right hats for your baby's needs is very important making sure it provides the necessary function and offers great protection.  Check out for new trendy and funky styles for your adorable little one!

Having spare batteries can always come handy when there's a need for it.  Sometimes you wouldn't expect it to be needed all of a sudden then it becomes a total bummer that you didn't have any spare to use.  Imagine using your camera for an outing or much awaited vacation and all you have is your one and only digital camera battery and charger.  You'll be lucky if in all places you go to you can easily access a charge station or power outlet.  Vacations most of the time require constant moving and if you're not ready to take the shots, definitely you'll miss your chance to take those souvenir photographs.

Camera packages usually come with single battery unit and in some cases none.  If you in any case feel the need to have a spare or back up battery for your camera, has a wide selection of digital camera batteries.  It's a common notion that to buy a digicam battery would be expensive and quite hard to find. carries many compatible brands for different digital camera models.  It is where you can find the right price for your battery needs, no need to spend quite an amount just to have that spare battery you've always wanted to have.  

October 3, 2011

Post Break: The Straight Choice

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Finding ways to cut bills and expenses gets tougher and tougher due to the recession.  Job is more scarce than before therefore money isn't as easy to get either.  Cutting on other expenses can give some savings and spending wisely on things that you need is the way to go.  Buy what you need and  what you want, something that's important to follow in order to make ends meet most especially during tough times.

There are many expenses in which we can cut down such as making a switch to a more economical mobile service like Straight Talk.  Get your Hook, line and sinker ready to catch the savings without subscribing to any contract.  The "All You Need Plan" is perfect for heavy phone users.  Take advantage of unlimited monthly service at $45 with calls, text and data all in.  If you don't want for instance to worry about a full year's service then get the unlimited offer for only $499, such a good price for a good full year service.  With such savigs I can actually buy a good pone unit which can do all the things that I need for a mobile phone.

Straight Talk doesn't require fees for activation, reactivation or even termination with free 411 calls at no extra charge.  International calls are guaranteed with low rates, what else could be better than that!  You can Call a friend anytime even if you're out of town or out of the country without having to worry about paying so much for the bill.  Calls are not the only practical deals from Straight Talk, the mobile phones come from as low as $10 for basic models and for a bigger price you may have Android on Straight Talk

To see more about Straight Talk and a few testimonials about the service, check out the videos. 

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