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January 1, 2007

What's The Edge of SubmitEdge?

What's the best way to boost website search optimization? Is it just as simple as hosting and leaving it on the side and there it goes being distributed all over the net? As much as I want to think it's as simple as that, I'm afraid to say it's not. Of course efforts have to be made for a site to be distributed to certain directories.

So what's the edge of SubmitEdge? It can cater the needs of site optimization through its quality directory submission service or through its link building service. For those who are hoping to make their site traffic higher, you can opt to use this kind of service. It specializes in submissions to different directories and what's different compared to other services, it is done manually through Submit Edge. It has numbers of well trained staff member who follow the submission guidelines. All links are constantly reviewed, verified and updated in its 8000+ directories. Imagine what this service can do for you!

All queries are strictly answered within 24hrs to make sure it meets quality customer service satisfaction. You can be sure that your site is submitted in high PR rank directories and n need to worry about guessing if your site has been up and running through their directory submission system because Submit Edge provides full report on submissions. Be the judge, see if it will work for you.


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