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April 26, 2013

VIPRE Internet Security

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vipre for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Vipre Internet SecurityVIPRE Internet Security is listed as one of Microsoft's Windows 7 antivirus partners and for a very good reason too. Their antivirus software is loaded with tools sure to make your computer and internet usage safe and secure. One of my criteria in selecting a good antivirus protection program is a program that can serve as a one stop solutions for all if not most of my protection needs. Something that allows for on-demand scanning, active real-time  protection, scheduled scanning, easy updates of threat definitions, and if possible - a built-in firewall solution. VIPRE Internet Security offers all of this and more! Price-wise I'd say it's an affordable solution and you get so much for what you pay. At the time of this writing -you may purchase 1 year protection for as low as $39.99 to $49.99 depending on which version you choose. Or you may purchase lifetime protection for $79.99 or $99.99 depending on version. There is also a discounted deal if you purchase protection for 10 PCs, this would be ideal for households or business with multiple computers.

Installation is pretty straight forward, download from their website, save and then run the executable install file. I recommend downloading the Internet Security version and not just the Antivirus version because of additional features such as the new VIPRE Easy Update which allows VIPRE Internet Security to monitor other programs that may need to be updated in your computer and actually installing them, thus reducing outdated vulnerable software that could pose as a potential threat. Easy Update could also monitor and install Windows Updates for you as well. Other features that are only available in the Internet Security version include two-way firewall protection, anti-intrusion protection, anti-spam protection and bad website blocking. It really is a full solution that is easy to use and light weight compared to other solutions - under windows task manager, I see that VIPRE consumes anywhere between 2,500 k  and 3,000 k in memory usage on average! When it's busy updating threat definitions and/or installing software updates, VIPRE consumes anywhere from 5,000 k and 5,500 k in memory usage. Not too bad for something that is actively keeping my computer up to date, safe and protected.

Here's a screenshot of VIPRE Internet Security during install:
Vipre Internet Security

Installing took less than 5 minutes.
After install, you will have to restart in order to be fully protected:
Vipre Internet Security

The Overview tab gives you access to settings and informs you whether everything is in good shape or not:
Vipre Internet Security

The Scan tab lets you perform quick scans, deep scans, and custom scans:
Vipre Internet Security

The Firewall tab lets you set your own settings for firewall, web filter and process protection options. You can also view Firewall activity stats, current connections and Firewall history:
Vipre Internet Security

The Manage tab allows you to view quarantined items, manage allowed items, manage scheduled scans, manage VIPRE updates and Easy Updates:
Vipre Internet Security

The Tools tab gives you a few extra tools that are quite handy such as the Secure File Eraser, History Cleaner & PC Explorer:
Vipre Internet Security
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April 24, 2013

Other News: C Legal

What do you do when you run out of resources and all you can resort to is owing money?  Sometimes as much as we want to avoid getting into debt, there's just not enough funds to support all the rest of what you have to pay for.  It happens, just for example those people with good paying job and all of a sudden company lay off.  Of course they have a regular monetary system and if there's no cash flow anymore what happens?  Not everybody have sufficient savings to survive for the longest time being unemployed, some would have to owe money just to get by and nobody can tell how long that situation will be.

Here comes the hard part, how to get out of the debt problem.  Some people recover soon enough while others get burried in debt for years and more.  Imagine a lifelong struggle with debt because you can't afford to pay it back.  However, there are debt relief companies who can help reduce the burden of your financial backlash.  Those who owe much could make use of debt settlement or debt help to make their way up to the system again.

This is good news to Canadians most especially, C Legal is a Canadian Debt Relief Law Firm which specializes on facilitating assistance and help with debt settlement procedures.  Shelia Cockburn has over 8 years of experience in this aspect of practice.  Debt practice is her expertise therefore you can be rest assured that you'll be in better hands.  Having somebody to give you the aid that you need is very important, most importantly someone who knows the ins and outs of the deal.

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