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March 29, 2012


Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

I am just so amazed at how quickly technology has advanced in my lifetime. Just the other day, I was in an old truck, and went to unroll the window. When I didn’t see the button I was expecting, I looked down and saw that it was an old school roll up and down window. I hadn’t seen or thought of that in ages! Also, take cable tv. When I was a kid, there were like twenty channels, and that was it. Now there’s what, 70? At least. And don’t even get me started on computers! Computers have gone from nonexistent in family homes to just about everyone having at least one in their home in the last 25 years. That is some fast progress. I wonder if it will continue in this direction. In 25 years, will we look back on today and think that it seems so old fashioned and prehistoric? Will the iphone seem ancient? It is so hard to imagine what the next “big” thing is going to be. Who knows?

March 21, 2012

Rise Studio Reel

Rise Studio Demo Reel 2007. Imagine what their 2008 Reel looks like! The scenes in this amazingly looks real and close to actual footage. With some camera 'shake', one could maybe be fooled to thinking it was actual video footage. They even had enough motivation to do extra stuff like moving ceiling fans and flying birds on some shots. This is genuine quality in my book! Keep'em coming Rise Studio!

Glow Day's Break

Cosmetics are used to enhance appearance, make-ups are far most known for this purpose. Make up can do wonders, if done the right way then the result can be stunning.  You can look natural or totally smokey, it all depends on what you want to be.  While most people prefer to be made-up on occasional basis, some would opt for permanent makeup.  There's nothing wrong with it, for some it's a matter of convenience not having to do the same routine over and over every single day.  Permanent makeup Barrie of Glow Day Spa is ideal for those wanting to have their eyebrows, eyeline or lipline permanently marked.

Glow Day Spa not only offers makeup services, over-all body treatments are also offered.  You may indulge yourself with a nice deep massage perfect to soothe your aching body.  Keeps your hands and feet happy and pampered with the mani-pedi or get your face a lift with facials.  For a sexier look, add some eyelash extensions and have a teeth whitening service for that flashy white smile.  Glow Day Spa also offers body wraps, airbrush tanning and waxing. 

It is important to give our tired aching body a break and do some pampering.  Oftentimes we forget how to pause and breathe deeply, always on the go and working non-stop.  Don't forget that a healthy body will also result to a peaceful mind.

March 19, 2012


I have once experienced identity theft when my bank account was suspiciously losing funds.  I had to track and inspect every single transaction to be definite it wasn't me who used up the credit.  I am very careful with my spending therefore when something odd like losing funds happen, I certainly would notice it.  It indeed was being stolen, how it was done I do not know.

Lifelock can help avoid such thing from happening.  Lifelock provides identity theft protection services to safeguard your valuable information.  They provide internet monitoring, 24/7 and securing all your file sharing site, public and court records off from public eyes.  Most importantly Lifelock will provide the bank account protection you'll ever need to have some peace of mind.

The question now, is it worth paying for?  Check out Lifelock reviews to see and assess for yourself if it can work for your benefit.  There you can see the pros and cons of having Lifelock for your protection, you'll get to know and understand how it goes and what it can do for you.  

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