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January 1, 2007

Will The USC Trojans Be A Force This Football Season?

Guest post written by Joseph Finch

We used to be a football powerhouse. For years, many people felt as though the USC Trojans were made up of NFL-caliber starters. Some people, especially those that liked other teams, would often complain about this. They would talk about unfair recruiting practices that would leave the rest of the division, and all of college football, at a disadvantage. Well, now they might have gotten their wish. Our beloved coach, Pete Carol, has chosen to take a job with the NFL team the Seattle Seahawks. Am I bitter about this? Yes and no. I'm still going to watch the USC games every week on my satellite tv since I had my satellite dish installation, but if we're losing, I'm always going to wonder if it would have been different with Pete Carol been around. Then again, he left because he knew the talent had left. He's not stupid. You could have seen this coming over a year ago, when Mark Sanchez announced he was going to bypass his senior year and play for the New York Jets. Pete Carol was a very unhappy camper.

What do I expect from this football season? Since most of the old systems will be kept in place and USC has a history of picking great unknown talent, I think we'll be better than what most people think, just not as good as we have been in the past.


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