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December 30, 2010

Christmas past

Author: Joyce Mccall

It has been a tradition of ours as far back as I can remember. Even when the children were still at home to gather in the family car and drive around town looking at Christmas lights, but with our children grown and with families of our own. My husband and I continue to keep the tradition alive, together.

Before we leave our beautifully decorated home, we should set our ADT security home alarm before we go out to look at Christmas lights and decorations. First, we begin in our own neighborhood. Venturing up and down the streets looking at the lighting displays our neighbors have placed out to welcome in the Christmas holiday. My husband and I will often get a chuckle out of past memories of our children watching these very same displays.

We venture out of our neighborhood and to other parts of the city, wondering if your children too are doing the same with their young children. The scenes may change from year to year and whom you enjoy them with may be different, but the memories you make together is what is important.

Passing a tradition of family time together can last a lifetime, even when you cannot be together. Fond memories of car-rides to see Christmas decorations will always remain in memories and remind you of the good days and times past.

December 29, 2010

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December 28, 2010

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June 18, 2010

Liquid Architecture

The thing I like most about this presentation is probably not so much about the design but more on the fact that it keeps simple without giving in to applying anything that would distract the viewer from the architecture. With simple entourage and a very limited amount of colors makes it all the more pleasing to look at. It is an idea, and it is presented in such a manner. It gives you an overview of what the massing is like and even slips in a little sneak preview of what the inside might look like and leaves plenty of room for further imagination.

May 16, 2010

Pavilion Place

I may not dig the architectural forms on this project but the presentation was put together nicely. To think the whole presentation is composed of stills! This is what intrigued me, who says a presentation has to be animated? And who says they should should be limited to prints? Why not meet half way and create a slide-show composed of many renderings. This could really capture they eye if it is well executed.

March 25, 2010

Architecture Design In Abstract

I have never, ever, seen an architecture presentation put together like this one! Some may hate it, some may love it. Some may not even know what to think! A little too abstract for my taste, but the stills of the structure did captivate me. The only thing that I would probably do different if I had to roll with it using the same method, I would have probably used more stills of the structure in question in the "shuffle sequences" rather than the random shots of city life used in this video.

March 22, 2010

Jubilee Church Animation

I like the way this was directed. Solid camera paths and a very clean and simple construction simulation. Outstandingly clean. The switching between day time and night time is a great method to use rather than just one continuous night shot. By mixing in night shots and day shots in one sequence, you tell a lot more in a short span of time. It also adds a dramatic effect to the whole animation. Great work Roberto De Angelis!

March 21, 2010

iCube Demo Reel 2008

Though this a demo reel for 2008, it is still impressive to this day. Love the Google Earth effects used on some of the sequences. Though not related to architecture, I must say that the airplane, helicopter scenes were pretty darn awesome! Most especially the part where the camera goes from outside to the inside of a passenger airplane, how cool is that! iCube can definitely model and animate extensive cityscapes and much more based on this demo reel. Great work iCube.

March 20, 2010

3ds Max After Effects On A System House

What a fun way to present how a building can be put together like it were legos. The fact that this is modular in design, begs for this type of presentation. Simple color schemes and interior stills leave the viewers imagination to play with the concept. The method used in the beginning with the structures rotating 360 on a single point is something I'd like to play with on my personal work. I'll keep this example here as a reference!

March 17, 2010

3D Architecture Render

The producer of this fantastic video put a lot of work into the 3D model! Every detail that are often left out is actually put into this. And I don't know how else to describe the construction simulation part of it... the producer/animator/director decided to start from furniture and fixtures and then work its way out to walls and roofs. Interesting approach. The other noticeable thing is that everything is shot in monochrome! You wouldn't know it though with all the details that was modeled. The method of this particular shading is ambient occlusion shading. Great technique and camera paths, inspiring work.

January 4, 2010

Tadao Ando Glass Box

This may be a very short animation but I have to give credit for the water and sun glare/rays effect as it sunsets! It's a great sun analysis... in 3D! I like how the water moves ever so slightly, giving us the impression that there is wind. Details... these are the little things that can change the way a presentation is perceived.

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