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December 27, 2012

Sunburn Alert

This post brought to you by © Blue Shield of California. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sunburn can be really painful when you overdo yourself in the sun without the spf protection your skin needs.  The worse that could happen is when you get those blisters, with the slightest touch even just the fabric of your clothes can put you in agonizing pain.  What to do for sunburn rescue? Check out Dr. Jim and Bob's video advice from Blue Shield of CA, they discuss brief and simple ways on how to aid your sunburn with a slight touch of humor. 

Dr. Jim and Bob's Fun & Helpful Health Advice

Dr. Jim and Bob offers a non-conventional way of health advice as they search the net for people with health question and from there, they give post reply and  link to their helpful health videos through facebook.  Since most people are on Facebook these days, how cool is that?  I find their advice quite interesting because it gives you an insight with the simplest solution possible, stright to the point.  Since my skin gets burnt pretty fast even with the aid of sunscreen, the video about Sunburn really helped me know easier ways to combat the stinging burn.


The videos Dr. Jim and Bob can be found on Blue Shield of CA facebook page.  BS is a not for profit company which offers alternative care like Chiropractors and Acupuncture, for those who opt to go for a more natural medical treatment.  BS has a wide range of affordable health plans, not all people hae the same needs therefore each and everyone has to have their specific health plan.  You can also find a great selection of doctors even for your special medical concerns. 

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December 22, 2012

Schuler Shoes

Our feet get so much abuse and torture carrying our weight and sometimes we go on endless shopping, rigorous sports or simply forget to sit down and relax.  I guess it's fine from time to time but if you were to do it on a regular basis, make sure you have comfort shoes for women or men.  You wouldn't want to keep standing or walking there with aching feet, don't you?

Sometimes we take forgranted simple things like taking a wee bit break, stopping to smell the flowers, quick coffee break and we're always on the go.  If you are the type to do things all at once then better you get some pampering for yourself.  This doesn't mean having to get all the luxuries in life but getting things that will make your self feel better.  Say for instance getting a pair of shoes that's absolutely gives you the best comfort ever.  If you were to stand on your feet at all times, would you not want to have the most comfort possible? 

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