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January 30, 2011

Flop Turn River Offers Bonus Code

Flop Turn River is now offering a PokerStars Bonus Code at their website which is probably a limited time offer but I could be wrong. They recommend you check out the PokerStars Marketing Code for more details on the PokerStars Bonus Code. Participants will be participating in the site's VIP program as you work to release your bonus which happens to be a $600 bonus at the time of this writing. I wouldnt mind wining $600 and I can think of a lot of good ways to use that bonus for something nice, like a big screen TV, or an ipod!

Basically in order to clear your bonus, you would need to play in real money poker games to earn VIP Player Points, and once you earn 17 times the amount of your bonus in VIP Player Points, the bonus is cleared! If you want to earn the full $600 bonus, you will have to collect a total of 10, 200 VIP Player Points. And after you make your first deposit, PokerStars gives you 6 months to clear it all. Check out the links mentioned above for more detail!

Ed Napleton Honda Of Oak Lawn

There is a Honda Dealer In Chicago and they have a great selection of cars. They have new vehicles, pre-owned vehicles and specials that only they may offer. Check out their website to search for cars by make, model, body style or by price! I find thier search tool useful especially if your are after a specific body style as they have many. For example they have the coupe, hatchback, SUV, sedan, truck crew cab and the van passenger! So there are plenty of options to choose from. The good thing is, they have pictures of their vehicles along with prices among other details.

For starters you might want to check out the Honda Accord.  Get details on drivetrain, transmission, interior color, engine type, exterior color and even the vin numbers! All this info will help you make a good decision on your purchase. What I like the best about this company is that the service does not stop after you have paid for the car but they also offer a great service department which offers oil change, coolant flush, transmission flush, engine tune-up, tire rotation, balance tires, front end alignment, brakes adjustment and many more other services related to your vehicle.

January 29, 2011

Just Address Plaques

Just Address Plaques is an online store where you can buy all sorts of address plaques. They have address plaques for residential and commercial uses. You may also find address numbers and address posts for your homes, even mailboxes! If you are a buyer after a specific name brand, you can also shop for your address plaque according to brand. They have over a dozen brand names to choose from which vary in style and colors. The pictures of their products are also very helpful as well as customer reviews and product descriptions. Lots of information makes this place worth checking out.

An address sign is an important part of your home or business because that is how people will be able to identify your house from the others. It makes it easy for your family and friends or possible clients to find your place if you have a nice address sign which is visible to anyone passing by. Sometimes they have online deals and even more deals if you sign up with your email! Just Address Plaques is there to satisfy your address plaque and signs needs.

January 25, 2011

Spice Rack Source At Your Service

A kitchen by definition is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation. In other words, a room equipped for preparing meals. One specific piece of furniture that is really quite useful in an average kitchen are spice racks! A spice rack is a rack for displaying containers filled with spices which helps the person cooking the food keep their spices organized and easily accessible for their cooking needs.

The average home will usually have a wall spice rack installed or built into the kitchen somewhere easily reachable for food preparation. Kitchen spice racks come in many shapes and sizes and may differ in style and types. There are countertop spice racks which are very affordable, there are wall mount spice racks which is a great opition if there is not much room for a countertop spice rack, then there are in-drawer spice racks which are nice and leave your kitchen clear from clutter. The choice is yours!

January 24, 2011

See's Candies For Valentines

Valentines is just around the corner and we are all looking for that special something to give to our one and only! Some people give their special someone flowers, some jewelry, and the most common of all for valentines are chocolates! What better way to show our better half that we love them by giving them chocolates. See's Candies has a section just for valentine's day gifts.

They have traditional hearts with assorted chocolates, sweetheart boxes, scotchmallow hearts, pink flower hearts, cinnamon lollypops, strawberyy truffles and much more. Or you can always go for the all year round chocolates. At See's Candies website, you may shop according to category to really pinpoint what you are looking for. You may even shop according to price to suit your budget this valentines. Happy Valentine's Day!

January 23, 2011

River Oaks Kia At Your Service

For those of you who live in Chicago and are in search of a car, particularly a Kia, then River Oaks Kia is the place for you, a new Kia dealer in town. The Chicago Kia dealer has a website with a great search tool which allows you to search for new, pre-owned or certified cars. Visitors may also filter their search by make, by model, by body style or by price. You will be happy to know that they are not just a car dealer also have a service department for those of you who live locally. You can schedule an appointment online too which make things really convenient.

Have your Kia oil change done at their service department and feel relieved to know that you some of the best technicians taking care of your Kia. They feel proud to be a Kia dealer in Chicago which offer many different Kia Models that are sure to intrigue you and possibly convince you to be a proud Kia owner. But don't take my word for it, visit them and check out thier featured vehicles and other available opportunities!

January 22, 2011

The Marketplace For Mailboxes

Many homeowners have a lot on their shoulders when it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of their own homes. Whether it may be something to be remodeled, replaced, painted, or upgraded, these are the things that keep a home up to date. One item are house mailboxes, something used almost everyday in the average home. They need to be able to hold our mail and be secure and easy to access through sunshine and rain.

There is a special section on wall mount mailboxes at right now. Wall mounted mailboxes are a great choice for homes that don't have a huge front yard or even no front yard at all. They have over 688 products under wall mailboxes at the time of this writing starting at $52.00, not too shabby. So what are you waiting for, order your wall mount mailbox today!

Grab Ink At Ink Grabber

Almost everybody who owns a personal computer also owns a printer. Even businesses typically have printers, big or small, chances are they use them. Buying ink is not always pleasant because of the high pricing. I for one spend at least anywhere from 30 to 60 dollars on printer ink. Inkjet cartridges are not so cheap. Printers consume ink like cars consume gas.

So if you happen to be in a business or in a hobby that requires you to consume ink faster than the average user, then you might want to consider finding cheap ink to meet you needs and in the time save you some money in the long run. Ink Grabber is a great place to start looking for your ink needs. They cover many major brands such as HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, Dell, Kodak and many more.

January 20, 2011

Buy Gold For 2011

One of the many things I hear people talking about, is where to invest their money. Some people diversify and buy stocks or government securities. Other people invest in real estate or a business of some sort. Some people buy valuables. Then their are those who think about investing in gold! Yes, good old fashion gold. They buy gold as a means to secure their money and if everything is right, sometimes, make a profit.

Regal Gold Coins is a website specializing in gold investments. They even offer a retirement plan called the Gold IRA. A plan which could potentially increase returns without the heavy risk factor. A bullion is money in its purest form, an asset that can't be devalued by government or tampered with by politicians or bankers. This is why buying gold bullion might be a choice to consider in terms of where to incest your money in any economic environment.

January 15, 2011

Your Medicare Supplement Is Here

Medicare supplements is a site dedicated to people who want to acquire or are simply interest in the various Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans available. They offer several medigap insurance plans tailored to suit specific needs of varying people. They offer the Medigap Plan F which offers 100% coverage of gaps in medicare, zero co-pays, zero deductibles and an unlimited network which means you may choose any doctor that takes medicare. They also offer the Medigap Plan G which offers 100% coverage of gaps in medicare after a $162 annual deductible (as of 2011), zero co-pays and an unlimited network.

The last plan that they offer is called the Medigap Plan N which has a lower premium compared to plan F or G, but you will be responsible for co-pays and deductibles. So they have plans of varying degrees to choose from depending on what you want. Their site also offers a free qoute tool which uses you zip code to filter the options available to you. You may also call their number posted on their website for a free consultation to help you decide which plan will be best medicare supplement for you.

January 14, 2011

Pictures For Your Wedding

Wedding is a magical moment in every couple's relationship, a start of a new life.  You can trust Roman Grinev Photography to capture the perfect moment to keep precious memories.  Memories that you can always come back to in the future even when your hair are all gray and your skin wrinkly with your age.  Let one of the finest in Washington  DC Wedding Photography capture and document the best day of your life, your road to new beginning.

Selecting the right photographer for your wedding should fit your personality and liking to make things work out better.  This way everything will be more natural and candid, nothing like a scripted photography that will drag you to feel tired and stressed on your big day.  There are many
Washington DC Wedding Photographers to choose from who can guarantee great satisfaction to your expectations.  Who wouldn't want to have the best Washington DC wedding photographer for that very special event?  You can never relive that same moment, an event  to remember.

Home Depot Offers

Cold days can make you feel so lazy and it feels so good to snug and tuck yourself in bed.  Too cold to do things outdoors except to play out in the snow.  That's the fun part of winter but other than that we've got to face the upcoming cleaning time once the weather permits.

Winter will be over soon and once again everybody will be busy doing spring cleaning.  After the long cold days finally it will be fine and dandy, very ideal for home upgrades and makeovers.  Home depot is the perfect store to go shopping where almost everything you need for your home fix ups can be found.  Take advantage of the home depot coupon for better deals and great discount.  That's more shopping for your green.

January 13, 2011

Fresh Leads With EquiLeads

EquiLeads offers the best financial service leads when it comes to car loans, life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, business insurance and much more. Users may filter their leads to meet their individual needs. Users may also receive their leads through email. They even offer users an affiliate program to help you earn money if you choose to do so.

EquiLeads focuses on affordable lead buying services and quality fresh leads are added on a daily basis all of the time. They have an easy to use chery pick system which will make everything convenient for the end user. Users may filter by state/region making the leads valuable to you specifically. They have an inexpensive service ideal for brokers and agents with a friendly customer service to help you along the way.

Planning a Trip for the Holidays

This guest post from Lewis Beck

If you are anything like me, you usually will leave all of your holiday travel planning until the very last minute. This is the worst thing you can do since reservations and ticket prices get higher the closer you get to the holidays. You will also be very lucky to find either a seat on a plane or a hotel reservation. They usually book up very early and will have very little in accommodations available. I learned the hard way that leaving things until the last minute is not a good idea when I couldn't find any airline reservations to get home a number of years ago. I tried calling each and every airline and was very willing to travel any number of stops just to get where I wanted to go but to no avail.

I ended up having to drive the long distance to get home and was completely exhausted when I got there . But my mind was at rest since i was sure to set my all home security home alarm. Since that time, I have tried to get myself to make my reservations much earlier and have been getting better at it. I now make my reservations at least one month in advance and each year I try to extend that by a few days. Maybe within the next couple of years I may actually get the best prices and seats by making my reservations at least six months in advance.

January 11, 2011

Ticket America To The Rescue

For all you sports fanatics out there looking for a great and convenient way to purchase tickets at your local or favorite stadium, Ticket America has a special treat for you. They sell tickets to all sorts of concerts and sporting events. You can can find theater tickets, sports tickets, MLB tickets, NBA tickets, NFL tickets, NHL tickets, NCAA footbal tickets, NCAA basketball tickets, PGA golf tickets, tennis tickets, NASCAR tickets and even boxing tickets, you name it they have it!

Find tickets from you local or favorite stadiums like the Conseco Fieldhouse, Izod Center, Tropicana Field and many more. Their website also shows a list of popular events and upcoming events for you to plan ahead. Whats even better is that they categorize the events to industry such as concerts, sports and theater! They are defenitly worth checking out if you plan on purchasing tickets in the near future.

January 9, 2011

Stay Informed With Healthline

Everyone at one point or another becomes concerned with their health. So much to actually find answers themselves. We will search everywhere, from our relatives, our doctors, our friends, the internet, the library and many more places and people. We eventually become concerned about our kids. The people of our future who will carry on our task when we cannot. A concern that has gained much attention about our children is the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is a complex mental health disorder.

Healthline's website has a great section on adhd which offers information on the topic and how to look out for signs of adhd. The symptoms are difficult to recognize and so Healthline wrote an article titled "7 Signs of ADHD". This article enumerates the common signs of adhd so that we can be able to diagnose and take the next step towards helping our children cope with this problem. The signs they say to look out for are:

1 - Me, Me, Me (inability to recognize other poeple's needs and desires)
2 - Emotional Turmoil
3 - Fidget and Squirm
4 - Unfinished Tasks
5 - Lack of Focus
6 - Careless Mistakes
7 - Day Dreamer

More information to these signs can be found at their website along with treatment options.

Blue Sky Scrubs

In every industry, there is some sense of clothing standard. A lawyer wears a suit, a dentist wears a lab coat of some sort, a cook wears an apron and for those in the medical industry, well they have all sorts of uniforms. In fact, people who work in the medical industry vary in so many fields that there are so many types of uniforms to suit the wearer's needs. Blue Sky Scrubs is an online site that cater to these needs.

They have scrubs, scrub hats, jackets, shirts, medical coats and accessories. You may even find discounted scrubs which could help you save many while purchasing your uniform. Or maybe you are a person who doesn't want to buy one item in one store and then another item at another. Purchasing separately might save you money but is not always the case and may not always be so convenient. Over at Blue Sky Scrubs, you will be pleased to know that they offer scrub sets which will surely save you time and offer a uniform which will match in color and style!

January 6, 2011

Be Healthy This New Year

Health and Fitness Network is dedicated to the sale of products that measure fitness levels.  BodyGem a home use device that measures resting metabolic rate.  MedGem the professional version that also measures resting metabolic rate and enables Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, and Health Club Owners to help their clients lose weight.  The Cholestech LDX System measures a complete lipid profile plus glucose, in only 5 minutes from a simple fingerstick.

They have a very useful and friendly website which allows you to browse through their many products broken down in several categories. For example, you want to check out their exercise equipment, after clicking on the exercise equipment link, you will find that they have equipment suited for residential use or commercial use. This is just one category. They have all sorts of equipment that may suit your requirements. Stay healthy.

Tea Collection To Start The Year

This is for all the parents out there. For those of you looking for girls clothing, boys clothing, baby clothing, women clothing, gifts and much more, I encourage you to check out Tea Collection's online store. If you are lucky, you might come across a sale of up to 50% off. Join there emailing list and get a chance to enjoy 10% off and be among the first ones to hear about new arrivals and sales!

They have a special section on sales which happen to be broken down to categories to keep your shopping experience as convenient as possible. Who says sales need to be headaches? Enjoy organized shopping at its finest. How about sleepwear? Tea Collection also maintains a great selection on pajamas for the kids, boy or girl, or even baby, it doesn't matter, they have it. Check out their shoes and hats too, if you happen to be looking for something more. Enjoy!

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