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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On Sports Betting Spot

When the time calls for it, sports betting is everything. You'll hear about it at work, at home, at the local bar, at the grocery store, at the barbers, you name it. There is a site called SportsBettingSpot and they offer news, team stats betting odds, best bonuses, win predictions, tips and tricks. What I also like about their site is that they showcase a list that they call the top 10 sport betting sites with their rating. This is great so that you know which sites are the talk of the year.

They have a great article on how to evaluate sports betting systems that talk about predicting human behavior, streak betting, and following the lines. It is a great read for those who don't even know a single thing about sports betting. There are many more articles, but what really interest me was that they also have articles on sport specific sports betting! We all know that baseball betting can be different from hockey betting. Anyone can learn a thing or two on that site!


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