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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On Global Sports Store

GPS is a common car accessory one can have these days.  Though maps and road atlas are still used by many, most people rely on electronic navigation.  Going places now can be a lot easier having this device.  From the very basic model before in which the gadget interactively talks,it has now evolved into a more sophisticated model with touchscreen features and voice recognition programming.  Amazing isn't it?

GPS is not limited to vehicular use alone, there are other models which can be used for on foot trekking like what hikers use.  This doesn't mean byebye compass, just welcome new technology!  As handy and useful it may be we have to take into consideration the efficiency of the gadget.  There are times when it loses satellite reception at some point then what to do when this happens?  Gut feeling and instinct won't be too precise so to say, back to basic maps and compasses are still useful in such events.


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