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February 9, 2012

Dial-up with

Can you imagine life without internet service these days?  Sounds a little intimidating and impossible but of course it can be done.  While most people rely solely on internet and must have dsl by all means, some people still live by the basics.  It might be hard to believe but some people actually doesn't find the need to use computer at all.  While some people try to ward off from technology some are just too hooked having the need to be connected almost 24/7.

Back on the days when internet was newly introduced to the world, dial up is the main means of acquiring connection.  It is still very much evident up to this modern time, in fact in most Asian countries it is still broadly used.  People resort on prepaid connection due to budgetary reasons though speed as compared to dsl is highly incomparable. offers reliable and affordable internet service.  A Standard package starting at $9.95 includes free technical support, nationwide access, free internet email account and 56K dial-up internet service.  Other packages like Premium at $14.95 and Broadband at $19.95 are also available. has been in service since 1997 for providing reliable dial-up internet service in America.  If you choose not to have a regular dsl internet service and prefer to have dial-up instead, you can be sure to find great satisfaction with  NO need to worry about missed calls while connected, unlike regular dial-up service it has a special call alert function which will enable you to know when there's an incoming call.


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