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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On Free Score

It was so easy before to apply for credit cards and loans but since the economy got tighter and fraud alerts here and there, credit card application has been such a pain.  Not everybody wants credit card for a vain reason but for emergency and back up resources in any case it's needed.  In fact there are only a few who are lucky enough to get credit card offers without having to submit credit report to get approved. Fortunately, there are free credit score reports available throughout the net for those that do have a credit history.

Come to think of it, if you are a first time applicant for credit card therefore you don't have any credit score to support your application.  Sad reality that alone hinders the possibility of acquiring a credit card nowadays.  How are you supposed to get started with your credit history if you don't have any means to do so and nobody will approve you for a valid credit card?  Think about it!


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