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January 1, 2007

Safety in the Summer

This guest post by Angela

Summer time is a wonderful time of fun and family. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of accidents and crime. Do not let yourself or your love ones fall victim to either of these. If you are aware of some of the dangers, you can be prepared to protect yourself from unexpected disasters!

Accidents are plentiful in the summer because most people are more active in the summer. If your children ride bikes, insist that they wear helmets, and that they observe all bike safety rules. If your children swim, teach them to respect, as well as enjoy, the water. Very young children can be taught to swim and to follow water safety rules. Children should always be closely supervised when involved with water activities, even if they can swim. Also, be proactive and protect your child against sunburn and insect bites. There are sunscreens available which also contain insect repellent for those children who seem to attract every insect in the area! Be sure to follow the package directions carefully.

Protect yourself from crime this summer by installing a home security alarm. Sleep well on those warm summer nights with the assurance that your loved ones and your valuables are protected from intruders. When out on the beach or playing in the park do not be an easy target for thieves. Be safe this summer!


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