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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On Direct SAT TV

TV broadcasting before was so plain and simple, no cable programs but ample shows to see.  Truly the evolution of time has changed that.  Now that modernization kicked in, cable came the more channels and programs can be seen.  The broadcasting improvement didn't stop right there that's why we now have the digital television.  I guess it's inevitable since we are all living in the digital world now.

Are you ready for the digital transition?  Digital transition means digital switchover or analog switchoff wherein analog programming will be shut to give way to digital programs.  Digital television has potential for greater resolutions and sound quality comparable to blu ray and can offer a lot more.  Transition creates more HD channels for direct tv therefore more shows to view. The governnent fcc article about switch to over the air is highly influencing this transition prior to its end benefits.

Learn more about the transition to digital television so you can make a choice!


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