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January 1, 2007

Favorite News Program

The article written by Victor Flowers

There are plenty of different news programs to choose from when watching television. Sometimes as you channel surf it seems like the only thing you can find are news programs. That very reason is why I was so excited and impressed when I found a news program that I truly like. CNN is an outstanding news program which keeps me entertained for hours.

Filled with great hosts, breaking news, political talk and some downright entertaining moments. CNN is much more than just a news program, it's an all-inclusive way to capture the latest local news, international news and even hear some opinion based on the news. Political talk is frequent on CNN and there are no shortage of ridiculous comments and guests who make me laugh. Luckily they are often put in their place by the CNN hosts although on occasion its the other way around.

I watch CNN on my satellite tv everyday for a few hours. I feel quite pleasant watch CNN as I am learning and keeping up with news while also enjoying the entertaining aspects of CNN. They do a great job at keeping with the facts and reality while straying away from the tabloid rumors. One thing you will see a lot of on CNN is opinion and political chat, so if you're not a fan you probably won't enjoy CNN very much but I sure do!


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