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January 1, 2007

Conference Championship Versus National Championship

Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

If you're a fan of college football like I am, then chances are you will be watching every conference championship this weekend. Thankfully, I have Direc4U TV and watched instate and out-of-state college football games this year. Since the football season is so short, I make sure to watch every game I possibly can - even if it's a game I normally wouldn't watch. This brings me to the point of conference games and their importance.

Unlike college basketball that has a playoff system, the college football system is made up of voting and rankings to determine who plays in the national championship. Therefore, a team really needs to go undefeated just to have a chance at being ranked in the top five in the country. Unfortunately, if there are two undefeated teams above an undefeated #3-ranked team, they will not be able to play for a national championship.

So, the conference championship is important for two reasons: it gives a team a chance to win a championship, and it increases the chance to play for a national championship. The SEC Championship this year pits the Auburn Tigers against the South Carolina Gamecocks. Since Auburn is ranked number one in the country, a win will automatically put them in the national championship; a loss means they are done. I can't wait to watch that game.


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