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May 21, 2012

The Sagrada Familia In 3D

Fantastic model work and camera paths, Gaudi would've been happy to see this 3D presentation of his creation. I remember studying this structure in Architecture school and was amazed by it's form and amount of detail and the type of style that was used to create this masterpiece. As far as the animation goes, it's well done, though I feel better textures would have definitely increase the vibrancy of the structure.


Beth said...

Definitely a good tribute to Gaudi! The Sagrada Familia is a famous edifice. It is an architectural icon that represents the renaissance of Europe.

Today, several designers and architects are using 3d laser scanning services to get a detailed view of their masterpiece. The laser scanning equipment would definitely improve the quality of the product by aiding prototyping which is a vital step in production.

Some architects even use such technologies to simulate the architectural framework behind old structures like churches and other famous buildings. Very interesting post. Thanks!

Jifdc said...

@Beth: Thanks for the info on 3d laser scanning stuff! Very cool.

Beth said...

@Jifdc: glad to be of help!

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