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November 21, 2008

Rubiks Cube House

Interesting and fun concept! I like how the animation starts off as a sketch and then goes to realistic rendering. The producer/s of this video also added some stills in between sequences. A signature move that one might notice is the way the director moves the camera through foliage until the building can be seen clearly, this is done several times. One thing I'd like to point out is the cool 'moving sky background' that happens near the end of the presentation, nice touch. I will say though, that it would be nice to see this animation done with closer frame gaps to improve the smoothness of the animation, but of course that would require more time and computing power. Thanks to "Homeworks" for posting this video up in YouTube.


Michael Wong 38 said...

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I was supposed to get back to you after I linked to your blog so you could link back.

I linked to your blog already. When you have some time, please link back ok?

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ce's geekbook said...

Now that is a cool clip on rendering .. I too liked the concept sketch to rendering .. would like to see the actual clip in hi-res though .. wanted to see the cherry blossom tree in better detail.. some one put a lot of work in to that.

sorry .. also currently seeking the same thing that the previous comment requested .. a link exchange as well but I guess it works other wise I would have never found your blog. found you on the link list to .. shoot me a note at the email address on or a comment and I will link you on all of these and any new sites that will be up soon

jifdc said...

Yes, I can't stress enough on how much effort and time are put into these architectural animations. Thanks for visiting. Both requests for a link exchange has been accepted. Happy holidays people!

Jason Liew said...

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Saleel said...

Nice Blog. I liked the clock and cartoon very much.
I have added your blog to my blogroll and when you are free please add my blog too.

jifdc said...

Cool, thanks for visiting Saleel. Your blog is on my link exchange section.

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