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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On The Car Connection

If you folks ever wanted to find reviews on certain vehicles such as the chrysler 300 or the mercury mariner, then you have a good chance in finding them on The Car Connection. Each review may have an expert review or a user review and will be accompanied by an overall rating based on styling, performance, quality, safety and features! There's more... the reviews will often have the likes and dislikes from experts, there may be comments, web videos, pictures, Q&A info. I even saw a section that shows recent tweets on the particular car you happen to be viewing, all of these are available through the website.

I like personally like the Humvee, there is something about the first version that intrigues me. The shape, the simplicity, the attempt to separate itself from commercialization. That is why I don't like the newer versions, they practically raped the Humvee. I wonder if The Car Connection has a review about it. I will be sure to go and see for myself when I get the free time. Actually, now that I think about it, I would also like to see some reviews about hybrid cars to get an understanding of what all the hype is about.

Some like cars like the honda fit or the chevy hhr. What car do you like? Why? What is your criteria when selecting a car? Is it the looks? The functionality? Perhaps a little of both? What hooks you in? For me, it is purely function and maybe a tiny bit of aesthetics when it comes to personal transportation vehicles.


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