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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On Local

Local yellowpages to be the ultimate guide when it comes to locating establishments but not anymore.  Though many people still use this tused hick slab of book to get the number they need, most rely on the computer nowadays when it comes to local search.  It's a convenient way of searching since the  internet provides great searches even with the simplest keyword you type in.  It's good to use the net this way if you don't really know the exact specifics of theplace, establishment or even person that you are trying to search for. site is user friendly and it's very easy to navigate through.  What's cool is that it has a local traffic map which can even help you know better where to go to avoid such traffic jam.  Another thing that's good with this site is you can easily locate a search almost anywhere!  Isn't that great?  Say that you wish to look for local restaurants in unfamiliar places, it's absolutely easy to see listings of all kinds of restaurants.  No more flipping pages and thoroughly looking through small font lists, just type in your search and you'll have more than the choices you hoped to see.


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