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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On Flower Window Boxes

What is a window box? What purpose does it serve? Do you think you could use one? I was doing some research and discovered that a window box is simply a container for growing plants. These window boxes are usually positioned outside a window and supported in place by brackets on the wall below. They are usually used by apartment dwellers on higher floors who most likely do not have the luxury of a garden or a place to grow plants. Though some times referred to as window planters, they cannot support tall plants because a window planter is usually 6"-8" deep.

Sometimes they can be placed inside a kitchen window and provide a way for a chef to grow herbs and other plants that may provide ingredients for a well prepared meal! They can be designed simple or could be very fancy. The links provided in this article will take you to a site that focus on window boxes and have a wide range selection of all types and styles of window boxes. Feel free to check it out when you find yourself searching for a window box that will match your desired location.

You have to remember that window boxes may vary not only in design, but may vary in color, material, and sizes. To take it even further, every window box may be unique in which each style may have certain accessories that others may not have. For example, did you know there self-watering window boxes? How about no rot window boxes? The technology of window boxes have changed, they are no longer just boxes! They can be smart boxes that are low maintenance and self efficient. It's all up to you to decide which window box would best suit your needs and life style. I will tell you this though, if you are looking for one, see what is available and establish your budget first, as you will have plenty to choose from.


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