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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On Brick House Security

The new show "the Colony" is something very interesting to watch.  The setting is like comparable to the movie "The Book Of Eli" where chaos has overtaken.  It's good to see how people work on their survival in such a harsh place.  Preparedness is good but it can't apply to all kinds of situations.  There are things that can be anticipated ahead and there are just some things you simply need self defense for.

In such situation everybody must be well alert and physically prepared too.  Having some weaponry and simple deterrents like pepper spray, handy knives, metal knuckle and the like can help during unexpected attacks or troubles.  It's not good to be totally defenseless in such place where people are fighting for their lives and safety.  It's like survival of the fittest, you have to do something or lose it.


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