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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On Hansen Wholesale

Once again it's harvest season, summer's over and the weather is getting cooler by the day.  Although most old houses still use gas heater while others opt for electric heaters, some households love the traditional log burning.  It's the perfect way to keep a warm and toasty home throughout the cold night. 

Aside from all the above mentioned ways to heat up homes, gas logs can also be a healthful option.  It's been studied and known that R.H. Peterson Real Fyre gas logs produce fewer emissions than firewood about 35-40%.  What can be better than cleaner air and healthier environment?  This also protects the forests from massive wood consumption most especially during winter season.  Unlike wood, there's no need to store piles of woods for burning and totally mess free.  Rest assured that your chimney will be cleaner than ever but just as hot as usual.

There are vented gas logs and ventless gas logs available at Hansen Wholesale, where varieties of gas logs designs are sold.  Traditional chimneys can make use of the vented gas logs but if you're more after practicality then ventless is way better choice.  This has better heat output, less pollution and slightly less gas consumption.  You can enjoy warm nights and if you get toasty enough, just turn it off and you can rest with ease.


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