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January 1, 2007

The 3-D Dream On Finance Globe

We are living in a modern age wherein people use cards to pay almost everything.  Before it's very limited where you can use your cards and cash is more preferred than any electronic transaction type of payment.  That's technology right there.  There are even ways to pay in which no more signatures nor swiping needed, just swish your card by the electronic plate and viola! 

With this, many people try to apply and get their credit cards.  There may be a lot of application offers out there people has to be careful with their choices. It's best to check credit card reviews to see which has clean reviews for such services.  It is also good to thoroughly study the ins and outs of the offers eliminating all extra expenses that will be involved in the long run as you use the credit cards.  Knowing fees for chase credit cards or citi credit cards and other balance transfers will also determine if that service is worth getting.


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