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September 10, 2011

September's Net10

This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.
So many mobile plans and packages have been coming out and it's getting more affordable than before.  Now you can have great minutes with text and data without having to sign for a fixed contract.  There's more flexibility now and you won't be tied to a fixed contract which you can't pull out anytime.  No more fears of not being able to pay when budget gets a bit short, Net10 is the new face of mobile service for budget conscious people like you. Real NET10 customer can't believe how much this saves them on month to month basis.
Net10 offers easy on the pocket monthly packages like the Easy Minutes Plan only for $15 with 200 minutes or a full call, text and data for as low as $50.  Switching plans is very flexible without incurring any penalty at all, you can have whatever your budget suits you.  No need to worry also about all your remaining minutes as long as you have an active service every month it will automatically roll over.  The Cute NET10 commercial will show you more what they have in store for you.
Net10 not only offers budget friendly packages for your mobile needs, they also provide excellent service like the International Neighbors Program.  This gives you a special number during your travel to Canada or Mexico to be easily reached.  Long distance calls from US is as low as 15 cents per minute to 75 countries.  Do you need more affordable deals?  Check out their cool cellphones from $15 (basic), $40 (special features) and $60 under (smartphones).

Net10 is also on facebook ( and twitter (!/Net10_Wireless), feel free to visit their sites to know more and be up to date wth all the latest offers.
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