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September 26, 2011


Hand dryers are  commonly found in restrooms or any other public place where there is a sink for washing.  These simple machines are used to replace or minimize the use of paper towels which are more costly.  Though airblade hand dryers may be effective in quick drying, a medical study claims that drying with warm air results to greater spread of bacteria as compared to drying with the traditional paper towel. 

Dyson is among the well known brands of hand dryers found worldwide. From the line of vacuum cleaners since early 90's, Dyson hand dryers were introduced to the market making its mark with the Dyson airblade hand dryers.  Nowadays you can see a Dyson almost in every public restroom and washroom.  

The original push button hand dryer does the job right though nothing beats the comfort and convenience of the automatic system.  Instant drying in just mere seconds without any pushing of any button, simply slide your hands towards the sensor.  It could have been better if it can work silently and not being able to hear such whirl of air.  Perhaps in the nearer future the hand dryer makers can reinvent such silent machine.


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