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September 8, 2011

The Education Library

As much as I enjoy doing my researches at the library somehow it's not as convenient as doing it online.  I usually end up taking longer tine doing my researches having to sort and locate books on shelf, whereas if I look for the exact same things I need access is such a breeze.  I won't say library is no longer needed because I still want the feel of doing my reading or getting to relax browsing numerous titles when I have so much time to spare.  I will still keep coming back to the library whenever I can but for most times that I can't have the leisure browsing around, The Educational Digital Materials Library is my other option.

Edu Brary has a great archive of digital media of study materials and educational documents.  It's your personal library at home or even on the go which can easily be accessed online.  Many thanks to the people behind this great education library, creating the idea of an internet archive for digital educational documents can be very helpful to all. You can conveniently search and research over and over again without having to commute, drive or walk to the library.  EduBrary certainly revolutionized an easier way to learning. 


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