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September 20, 2011

Fast Forward Academy

Fast forward Academy specializes in courses for ea cpe requirements in order to obtain and maintain license.  Enrolled agents must take about 72 hours of enrolled agent continuing education for the 3 year enrollment cycle.  An enrolled agent has the authority to negotiate with the IRS for cases involving audits, collections and appeals.  

It is very important for enrolled agents to maintain their license in order to represent a taxpayer.  What makes the difference between the accountants and attorneys as compared to enrolled agents, the practice doesn't depend on the state where their license has been issued.  All enrolled agents obtain a federal license in which enables them to represent any taxpayer in any state.

Being an enrolled agent is a good profession since taxes must be filed every year.  In order to be an enrolled agent there's no need for a college degree but certain criteria must be observed to qualify for the title.  Individuals with 5 years of IRS related field may apply for enrollment to become a tax agent without taking the exam. 


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