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August 11, 2011

Why Pool Covers Should Be Used

Pool covers should be used for many beneficial reasons. For one thing, using a pool cover can help reduce heating costs effectively. A cover does decrease the solar heat absorbed by the pool but minimizes heat loss due to evaporation which is a major factor in pool heat loss. Pool covers also help reduce the amount of chemicals required to help maintain the pool. A transparent bubble cover has been said to be the most effective for heating. Bubble covers allow pool temperatures to increase by 20 °F in a span of 7 days of being covered!

Vinyl covers can also be used which actually absorbs more sunlight directly allowing temperatures to rise a lot quicker but is said to not be able to reach as high a temperature as a clear cover. Saftey covers are also used in order to prevent animals, people and even large vehicles into the pool. Though not a popular cover to use in warmer climates because of how inconvenient it is to remove and apply the cover repeatedly, they a more often used during the winter.


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