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August 23, 2011

3D Dreams on Arab News

 Tuning in to news can be very alarming sometimes with all the disastrous and negative events around the globe.  It's good to be rather informed but watching it on TV is sometimes not enough to get the real updates on certain places most especially international events coverage.  A fraction of the story will be mentioned in the news but most of the details were often omitted due to broadcasting deals.  

 Eagle16 Worldwide Electronic Platform is a great site for the hottest and latest news.  Surfing the net might give you points here and there but still not the complete deal.  Though the site has all other news all over the globe it has a great circular of events and updates for the Middle East.  Eagle16 has the most up to date new cover for the ever happening Middle east crisis.  A specific page is allotted for Middle East alone wherein Arab news can easily be accessed for free.  No need to sign up or pay for the latest news feed, read anytime and anywhere.


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