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August 6, 2011

Tips For Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is not something you can do overnight, it takes time, patience and consistency. One of the important things in SEO are keywords. Make sure they are in your texts, in your titles, in your headers, and if you can, in your urls. They are key elements to having an SEO friendly website. Keywords are the words for how you want your website to be found. Think about them carefully and try to put yourself in the shoes of possible visitors. If it relates to your content or website or even a specific webpage, then list it as a keyword possibility. You have to remember that some keywords perform better than others though I am a strong believer that few keywords with strong relevancy will perform better than popular keywords with almost no relevancy to your website.

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of development and placement of a website in the world of the internet. If your site is optimized well, you should obtain a better chance of being listed by search engines, resulting in more visitors and better page ranking with search engines! Here are some SEO tips to help you get started:

  • Find the Best Keywords
  • Optimize Your Title
  • Optimize Your META Tags
  • Use Headings
  • Use Title and ALT Attributes
You can do SEO yourself, or you can outsource it and hire a company to do it for you such as WebiMax. Either way, it will benefit your website. I prefer to do SEO than not do it at all.


Del Val Web Dev said...

The real key to SEO is backlinks - don't be fooled.

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