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August 28, 2011

DSG Offers Extra Money

Who doesn't need extra money these days?  With the on-going economic deals people are still living on teh edge and just trying to get by every single day to make ends meet.  Some People get lucky with work but some doesn't seem to find their luck.  Trying to find money these days can be such a treasure hunt, you really have to dig deep and have a continuous pursuit to get some green.  You cannot simply chase for an opportunity but once it knocks on your door, make sure to grab it or else you might be on the losing end.  Right now opportunities are quite rare, letting the opportunity pass on you might not score you for another chance.

For those who are trying to find some extra money and if you are a me about 18-34 years old, DSG Associates , Inc. is on search for those interested to participate for an online insurance study.  Feel free to check on their site and see what's the deal to be chosen for the study.  A focus group opportunity is a great way to earn some extra which only requires minimal participation or it also depends on the sponsor.  Same thing with Mystery Shopping, this gives perks to those who participate by doing secret shopping to certain merchandisers or service providers.  Earning a little money can be fun and entertaining too with some mystery shopping assignments.

DSG Associates, Inc. specializes in research studies, focus groups, mystery shops, customer intercepts and other special research projects to help businesses and organizations achieve more success.  The 30 years of experience simply proves it's success with the services offered for clients and customers.  DSG is capable of working as an active partner in creating and managing service programs for all businesses, small or big.


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