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August 23, 2011

The Deep Flavor of Zacapa

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The art of wine aging has been practiced through the years in order to improve the taste of the wine quality.  It's contrary to common food spoilage in which wines get a more complex taste along the aging process.  Though not all wines go through such process, some of the finest and best have noted achieving the taste with its aging process.  

Take note that it's not only grape wines undergo aging, the famous Zacapa of Guatemala also undergoes aging.  This rum uses the virgin sugar cane honey or better known as the first-press concentrate of sugar canes.  Only the purest to make one of the best tasting rums in the world. 


Zacapa premium rum cannot be compared to all other regular rums because it takes a very long process for this premium dark rum before it even reaches the market.  It undergoes aging process which takes place in Quetzaltenango highlands where cool mountain air slows down the aging of the rum.  This process contributes to the flavor complexity without any doubt making it fuller in taste.  But what makes the Zacapa rum so distinct from others?  The casks where the rum is being aged were used for other wines during the Spanish era, that alone contributes to the taste of this pure and well aged rum.

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