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January 16, 2012

EA Tax Preps

Every year taxes must be filed and it is almost the time of the year when people starts preparing their tax forms for filing.  This is just one of the things that everybody must do not unless you don't mind being audited and being penalized for it.  Of course who would want that kind of hassle to happen, it will only take a little time to file your income tax so better do things right.

What does it take to become a tax preparer?  It is not so complicated to be certified but it requires study completion of irs exam in order to do taxes.  Better be an enrolled agent who has more privileges of representing taxpayers who can negotiate with the IRS directly during auditing examinations and appeals.  An enrolled agent can be the representing body of anyone as long as the taxpayer has undersigned agreement and consent for him or her.

Though a regular certified public accountant and licensed attorneys can prepare taxes as well, they are more restricted and limited with their area depending on where their issued state licenses are valid.  This what makes an enrolled agent on a higher scale because an enrolled agent can represent a taxpayer in any state regarding tax matter given the privilege of federal license.  Unlike any other tax preparer, an enrolled agent is considered as tax specialist.  Not even awyers and cpa's especializeon tax preparation alone, making EA professional on top of its expertise.


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