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January 18, 2012

Beauty Of Nature

One featured news earlier today in Yahoo was the cave house.  It's a magnificent work of art, don't think it's just a cave enclosed with some boulder and furnished inside.  The incorporation of the cave and a house together with a contemporary touch to it simply looks amazing.  Since the interior is technically the cave itself, the structure maintains a year long temperature of 66-70 degrees.  Isn't that so cozy?  No need for expensive heater bills, you can stay warm and cozy in there all year long.

Outside is even so beautiful with natural pools just a bit of a hike away from the cave house.  It's nothing like those chlorinated pools, water comes fresh from the freshwater creek by the mountains.  Nothing can be more natural than that, it's like having your own private world out there.  Surely this cave house can attract women, men, kids, oldies, and most especially those who are nature enthusiasts.  It is like one of those wonders of the world that you don't get to see in your everyday life.  Hands up to the great mind and crafters of this wonderful creation!


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