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January 30, 2012

The Candy Concept

There are so many kinds of candies, it comes in different forms, designs, flavors and textures.  Imagine a jar full of colorful candies, pretty sight right?  It would be interesting to see a house or structure which is playful in design and very hip and modern.  Not all designers get to rock such look but with the right characters put together, one surely will turn out great.  There has been many takes in design these days and so far non has tried to make a candy inspired house.

I can imagine it being a famous take on house design, might be quite sweet for other people's taste but definitely attractive to the sweet tooth!  I've seen many gingerbread house and other holiday candy houses built in small scaled model, why not have one for real?  If not designed for residential use probably for commercial purpose.
Call it crazy or insane but such concept might sell to people.  It will be a landmark by itself, people will remember about it and will be a word of mouth. 


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