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November 1, 2011

Dallas TX

We just moved to Dallas so that my husband go finish his residency. We found out in march that we were going to move. We were totally excited because we picked Dallas as our first choice. We flew out to find a place to live in April. We found a great building that is right downtown. It is close to the hospital ( good for my husband) and also close to the school where I got a job teaching the third grade. I feel lucky to have found such a great apartment ( some Mavericks players used to live a few floors up!). Even though the apartment complex’s rent is pretty expensive, we have saved money in other ways. has good deals and I found the best provider for our electricity. You have to have a good energy provider in Dallas because it is so stinking hot in the summer. It is October and still eighty-five degrees outside. I just can’t believe it. Are you kidding me? It is snowing back home now where we are from. Despite the heat, we do love Dallas!

This guest post from Doris Dillon


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