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October 31, 2011

Untitled Jersey City Project

This post brought to you by Untitled Jersey City Project. All opinions are 100% mine.

Untitled Jersey City Project is an ambitious drama that takes place in the developing side of Jersey City waterfront where anything can happen, anytime, and to anyone. Based on the sneak peek video of Untitled Jersey City Project, there are a number of interesting characters that give you a feeling that everyone is somehow connected to something important towards a plot. And a plot that ties in everyone is the key to successful drama. Check out the video for yourself and tell me what you think:

It is definitely one of those stories that involves characters from different walks of life which will no doubt attract to a larger audience. Crime, love, money, fame, and truth all come into play in this drama. It's hard to find good fresh films/TV series that have these elements orchestrated properly and keep viewers interested. Being a critic myself, I can say that this drama is probably something I would watch with commitment and curiosity to find out what happens. I enjoy a good drama every now and then and the Untitled Jersey City Project proves to look promising. They have many other videos on their website with more descriptions to characters and outlines some of the relationships between themselves and the storyline. (1 page)

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