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November 8, 2011

It's exciting to know what the future may bring though sometimes thinking about it can be a little freaky also.  Having predictions and making up predictions can be fun having the anticipation to know if it could actually happen or not. can help share all your predictions to your friends and everyone else.  It's a special platform which enables you to create predictions with specific timeline, any topic and possibly anything you can think of there's no limit to what you want to share to people. 

The fun part is you can share your thoughts with friends and have them invited to join your poll.  Once the assigned date is over then the prediction will be verified true or not.  Whether you truly can predict the future or you're simply just having fun it is the perfect site for your views.

There are so many assumptions about the coming 2012 and many people would want to participate sharing their thoughts and views. can be a fun and interactive site for those who love to dish on things about the future. 

Check out and feel free to share your thoughts.  Fans out there might have a strong view regarding this matter so hurry up and express yourself.


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