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November 14, 2011

Future Steel Buildings

United States is still using wood as its primary construction material.  Though there's nothing wrong in using this kind of material certain structural disadvantages might arise on grave situations like earthquakes, tornadoes and fire.  Considering wood's versatility in construction, it wouldn't hurt to use steel for added reinforcement.  In fact it will even produce a stronger and more stable structure using the two construction components.

Steel however is being given much spotlight when it comes to future steel buildings construction.  These buildings are built to last and outlast even the lash of nature.  Economically speaking, future steel buildings need less maintenance and guaranteed to be more structurally sound.

In general, steel construction is strong, durable and stable.  There will be no issues to deal with termites and other insects which tend to eat and attack wood.  This alone shows the practicality of the system as compared to wood construction.  Unlike wood which withers and rots in time, steel has longer lifespan given the right and proper treatment prior to use. 


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