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October 18, 2011

Alta Mira

When does an occasional drinking and smoking becomes a threat to someone's well-being?  This is something some people overlook, at first it started with just a stick & bottle or two but in time becomes more and more.  Unfortunately not everybody realizes he or she is going beyond his or her body's capacity, thus getting addicted to such vices.

Early withdrawal can be self-done but when a person is so deeply addicted to smoking, drinking and such, securing help is a better way to get clean once again.  Addiction can pose great health, physical and emotional threat to a person.  Extreme cases even result to death due to over dosage or illnesses inflicted by the addiction.  Sad to say but this thing happens even if that person decided to withdraw but having it too late.

Knowing when to act to save someone's life is very critical.  Giving the right care and guidance can greatly help someone to pull himself back leaving behind his addictive lifestyle.  Not everybody can voluntarily withdraw thus needing professional help.  There are good rehabilitation places which can make a difference in one's life.  Alta Mira San Francisco offers great facility and support for those who want to get rid of their addiction problem to live a normal and healthier life. 

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