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January 9, 2011

Stay Informed With Healthline

Everyone at one point or another becomes concerned with their health. So much to actually find answers themselves. We will search everywhere, from our relatives, our doctors, our friends, the internet, the library and many more places and people. We eventually become concerned about our kids. The people of our future who will carry on our task when we cannot. A concern that has gained much attention about our children is the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is a complex mental health disorder.

Healthline's website has a great section on adhd which offers information on the topic and how to look out for signs of adhd. The symptoms are difficult to recognize and so Healthline wrote an article titled "7 Signs of ADHD". This article enumerates the common signs of adhd so that we can be able to diagnose and take the next step towards helping our children cope with this problem. The signs they say to look out for are:

1 - Me, Me, Me (inability to recognize other poeple's needs and desires)
2 - Emotional Turmoil
3 - Fidget and Squirm
4 - Unfinished Tasks
5 - Lack of Focus
6 - Careless Mistakes
7 - Day Dreamer

More information to these signs can be found at their website along with treatment options.


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