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January 30, 2011

Flop Turn River Offers Bonus Code

Flop Turn River is now offering a PokerStars Bonus Code at their website which is probably a limited time offer but I could be wrong. They recommend you check out the PokerStars Marketing Code for more details on the PokerStars Bonus Code. Participants will be participating in the site's VIP program as you work to release your bonus which happens to be a $600 bonus at the time of this writing. I wouldnt mind wining $600 and I can think of a lot of good ways to use that bonus for something nice, like a big screen TV, or an ipod!

Basically in order to clear your bonus, you would need to play in real money poker games to earn VIP Player Points, and once you earn 17 times the amount of your bonus in VIP Player Points, the bonus is cleared! If you want to earn the full $600 bonus, you will have to collect a total of 10, 200 VIP Player Points. And after you make your first deposit, PokerStars gives you 6 months to clear it all. Check out the links mentioned above for more detail!


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