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January 13, 2011

Planning a Trip for the Holidays

This guest post from Lewis Beck

If you are anything like me, you usually will leave all of your holiday travel planning until the very last minute. This is the worst thing you can do since reservations and ticket prices get higher the closer you get to the holidays. You will also be very lucky to find either a seat on a plane or a hotel reservation. They usually book up very early and will have very little in accommodations available. I learned the hard way that leaving things until the last minute is not a good idea when I couldn't find any airline reservations to get home a number of years ago. I tried calling each and every airline and was very willing to travel any number of stops just to get where I wanted to go but to no avail.

I ended up having to drive the long distance to get home and was completely exhausted when I got there . But my mind was at rest since i was sure to set my all home security home alarm. Since that time, I have tried to get myself to make my reservations much earlier and have been getting better at it. I now make my reservations at least one month in advance and each year I try to extend that by a few days. Maybe within the next couple of years I may actually get the best prices and seats by making my reservations at least six months in advance.


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