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July 31, 2011

Merrill Datasite

In January of 2003, Merrill Corporation, a diversified global communications and document services provider, publicly launched DataSite, its Virtual Deal Room also known as a Virtual Data Room (VDR) solution. Starting in 2002, select clients had the opportunity to use and test Merrill DataSite for more than a year, which served as a proving ground for this secure technology that is closely aligned with the parent company’s document services culture. They provide online data room services for many companies. They also offer a translation service site called Merrill Brink International which is a leading provider of financial, legal, localization services, life sciences and corporate Translation Services for global companies.

Merrill Datasite has been established as a virtual data room services provider that offers a secure and efficient method of sharing critical business information for electronic due diligence in M&A advisory, banking M&A, mid market M&A review, transfer of small business ownership when selling a company, document warehousing, mergers and acquisition due diligence, succession in family business or when buying a business, IPO and secondary offerings, asset purchases, venture capital due diligence, bio tech licensing, commercial and corporate real estate ventures, bankruptcies, financial restructure, liquidation analysis for bankruptcy, corporate debt restructuring, preparing for exit strategies, and many other transactions that require extensive document sharing.


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