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December 28, 2010

The 3-D Dream On First Trade

Need help on stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs or Online Trading? Or how about Fixed Income, bonds and CDs? A site called First Trade might be able to assist you and investors alike with these services and much more. Whether people are looking for an Online Broker or to secure their IRA Accounts or maybe a dividend reinvestment, First Trade can help them reach their goals by providing a service to the people through their various products.

They also provide tools that make investment decisions much more intuitive for their customers. These tools include but are not limited to, streaming quotes and charts, interactive charts to track the performace of your stocks, access to the latest news of your stocks, market calendars and even remote access to stock alerts! Mobile Trading is also something they can provide. Very useful tools for the active investor and even the casual investor. First Trade can help make Stock Trading, easy, intuitive and efficient.


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